This selection includes ensembles with whom I play, and some useful contacts to lute societies, lute makers, etc. Many more specific links are included within the Theorbo Information part of this site.

The British
lute society - source of much useful material. Their website includes my collection of beginners’ lessons for the renaissance lute.

David Van Edwards. Not just a wonderful lute maker, but the producer of useful CD courses to build your own instruments.

Ivo Magherini, maker of the unique and wonderful Chordophony lute family, and many of my other instruments.

George Stevens, maker of my beautiful gittern.

Kingham MTM case company, maker of bespoke musical instrument cases.

Aquila Corde Armoniche, maker of a range of lute strings.

Headway Music Audio, Oxfordshire-based maker of superb amplification equipment for acoustic instruments; whenever I amplify my theorbo I use their custom-made 'snake' pickup, and EDB2 pre-amp.

Oasis humidifiers, makers of ingenious and effective humidifiers which fit inside a lute case.

Chordophony, my lute ensemble.

The King’s Consort, with whom I play many concerts and have made many recordings.

Ex Cathedra, another wonderful ensemble which regularly appears in my diary.