Publishers of Theorbo Music


Editions Minkoff, formerly one of the major publishers of facsimile lute and theorbo books, disappeared with the death of Sylvie Minkoff in 2010, but some of their stock is still available from Andreas Schlegel’s
'Lute Corner’, including Grenerin’s continuo tutor and the Hurel MS.

Studio per edizioni scelte (SPES) publish solo theorbo music by Kapsberger, Piccinini, Pietro Paolo Melli, Pittoni, Castaldi, and two manuscript collections from Modena containing music by Kapsberger, Piccinini and Viviani. Also several works for liuto attiorbato or archlute: some are included in the Melli, Kapsberger and Piccinini collections above, also the Doni manuscript, prints by Gianoncelli and Zamboni, Dalla Casa's collection of music for 'arcileuto francese', and Valentini's manuscript treatise 'Il leuto anatomizzato'. They also publish many collections of vocal and instrumental music suitable for accompaniment on the theorbo, some of which call specifically for it. These include Villanelle, Arie and Motetti by Kapsberger, some with tablature accompaniments, and collections by Cazzati, Marini, Ferrari, Frescobaldi, etc.

TREE Edition publish the Goëss theorbo manuscript which includes some solo pieces by Bartolotti. Also Nauwach's 1623 collection of 'Arie passegiate' with a continuo part specifically for chitarrone. (This comes together with a modern edition, including tablature realizations for a lute in G.)
Cornetto-Verlag publish several facsimiles of 17th century music, both vocal and instrumental, suitable for accompaniment with theorbo. Items specifying theorbo include 'Vezzosetti Fiori di Varii Eccelenti Autori' (Rome, 1622).
Anne Fuzeau publishes the songs of Benigne de Bacilly, which specify theorbo continuo, as well as much French baroque vocal and instrumental music suitable for theorbo continuo.
The Performers' Facsimiles series, published by Broude Bros, includes Caccini's 'Le Nuove Musiche', Purcell's 'Theater of Music' and many other titles of interest to continuo players. I haven't been able to find a website for them, or any online listing of their publications. If anyone knows of one, please get in touch!
Modern Editions
Ut Orpheus Edizioni publish an edition of the Modena cadenze manuscript, which includes floridly realized continuo examples in tablature, and Francesca Torelli’s theorbo tutor (in Italian only).
Musiche Varie publish many editions of 17th century Italian chamber music which includes dedicated bass parts or continuo parts for theorbo / chitarrone: composers include Ferro, Neri, Bernardi, and several works by Kapsberger. They also publish an extremely useful edition of Kapsberger's theorbo toccatas, with transcriptions of the theorbo tablature for both A and G tuning, for the benefit of the continuo players.
Fretwork publish editions of Charles Colman's Four-Part Airs, which specify theorbos for the continuo; also William Lawes's 'Royal Consorts', with parts for two theorbos. (NB, these works were probably not played on Italian theorbos, but on 12 course lutes, or on English theorbos with only one re-entrant course.)
Musedita publish many editions of 17th and early 18th century music, mostly Italian instrumental music, which is suitable for theorbo accompaniment. Items specifically mentioning theorbo include works by Cazzati and Guerrieri.
Stefan Lundgren has published his own arrangement of J.S.Bach's 6 Suites for solo cello, arranged for theorbo, as well as a great deal of music for other kinds of lute.