Lynda has many years’ experience in providing music for weddings in all kinds of venues from traditional churches to castles, hotels and tents. She is equally comfortable performing music as a featured part of the ceremony, or supplying ambient background music for a drinks reception or wedding breakfast. As a soloist she can supply medieval, renaissance or baroque music, on gittern, various lutes or early guitars. She is very happy to discuss and advise on music options, and many couples are delighted to discover a whole world of new and exciting music during this discussion. She also performs regularly with Rebecca Austen-Brown (medieval fiddle, baroque violin, recorders). The duo can provide a varied and colourful range of music from the 15th to 18th centuries.

Discreet, high quality amplification is available for larger venues or gatherings. Equipment is PAT tested and certified. Please note that access to a plug socket is required! A smaller, battery-operated amplification system, suitable for smaller gatherings, is available for venues without power.

A note on outdoor wedding venues
The lute is essentially an indoor instrument, benefiting from a contained acoustic for its sound to carry best, and it is not weather-proof. Lynda has performed in many outdoor venues, including the medieval fortifications of Dubrovnik, the courtyards of Italian palazzi, the gardens of Hampton Court Palace, and on a sheet of plate glass over a swimming pool in Turkey (together with the intrepid souls in
I Fagiolini!). She will make every effort to accommodate your wishes if your ceremony is to take place outside. However, a wet-weather indoor option is strongly recommended, because the instruments cannot get wet. Also most instruments sound best if played in an area with some containment and/or cover, rather than in a completely exposed spot. Positioning outdoor musicians in cloisters, enclosed courtyards, against a wall, in a corner with high walls, or in a marquee or gazebo with partial walls will all help the music to carry more effectively.